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"Back Country" Wilderness: We all enjoy recreation in the great outdoors: camping, hiking, and various outdoor adventures are a very popular pastime, and becoming more popular every year. Unfortunately, sometimes misadventures can happen in locations far from professional help, and it may be up to you to take care of the situation until more advanced help is available.

"Urban Wilderness": The impact of technological advances on our lives has brought many great conveniences to us, but it comes at a price. We now are accustomed to having our “creature comforts” (water, electricity, cell phones, internet) always on and available. When these are interrupted it becomes a very real challenge for us. Add to that the consequences of a real disaster, including buildings damaged and scores of people injured. Utilities will be interrupted, professional responders will be overwhelmed, and families and businesses will be left on their own to cope. Our best option is to be as ready as possible to help those around us in that period of time when there are no other responders to help.

URBAN WILDERNESS ASSOCIATES (UWA) was started to offer training in a variety of techniques to help people make a difference to those around them - family, friends or co-workers - when the unthinkable happens. For a list of classes we offer including schedules, please click the COURSES button.

UWA hosts small, personalized training classes led by experienced instructors, to bring you the best, most enjoyable learning experience possible. All instructors are certified through the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council.  Please see our TRAINER BIO’S page to find out more.

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