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Erin Huey

Erin has been teaching emergency preparedness and outdoor skills for over 25 years. She started at the Wilderness Institute teaching children various classes on outdoor skills including low and high rope experiences. Recruited unwittingly by her daughter into being a Girl Scout leader, Erin has taught many Girl Scout troops Outdoor survival, Navigation, and other outdoor badge work. Erin became an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer for many Red Cross programs teaching for both Girl Scouts, Red Cross and in her own private business. She was very active for many years with Red Cross and Girl Scout First Aid stations program. Recently retired from a major utility company as a field instructor she is very knowledgeable about workplace and utility safety. Erin also is an Army Veteran and served in the California National Guard as an Officer involved with Wildland Fire Operations. She saw first-hand the need for people to understand what being prepared really meant. Erin also trains in the Martial Arts of Lua and Hapkido. She also teaches self-defense.

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